Border&Fall is a digital publication revealing India’s craft and fashion community via compelling interviews, articles and visual documentation.


Committed to publishing that which is of relevance to the industry via innovation, aesthetic or action, our information is an ongoing reference with a focus on the following:  industry news and opinion pieces; documentation of individual style in India; reporting on innovation and modernization in the craft sector; and interviews with the creative community. Our work includes ongoing talks, residencies and collaborations with the community.


The site remains free of revenue, including sponsored content and native advertising. It is funded via the Border&Fall Agency and if mentioned, clients of the agency carry a disclaimer in the text.


We welcome feedback, requests for contribution and ideas worth sharing.





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The Agency

The Agency
Founded in 2013, the Border&Fall Agency is a multi-disciplinary agency specializing in business development across branding, digital, retail and creative direction. Our client list includes Bodice, en Inde, Rashmi Varma & Raw Mango.

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