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Utilitarian Sari Drapes
By Border&Fall
As an unstitched piece of cloth, the sari and its drape has adapted to utility, climate and culture. This article explores five regional sari drapes which have historically enabled the work of the wearer.
Himanshu Verma is known in a few ways:  as the ‘Saree Man’,  Ghenda Phool, or one who ends emails with the salutation, ‘Jai Sari!’. 
Over the years, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has wielded influence over the way Indian women dress, or aspire to. From bridal couture to occasion wear pieces, his designs and aesthetic have seeped across all markets and arguably reached a tenfold audience.  He has previously spoken to us on the subject of clothing as a signifier of national identity and in this interview, shares why the sari is a symbol of national dress in India in support of our sari project.
What does the sari symbolize to you? 
For me, the sari is a piece of textile, a primitive drape and not really a modern garment. …


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As steady and robust centres for the sale of Indian artisanal crafts, melas (market fairs) have been held across India for over 1300 years. They are a part of many consumers’ landscape of nostalgia, almost everyone brought up in India can attest to attending at least one.
I am uneasy with perceived dichotomies of traditional/modern, ethnic/contemporary, because they imply some judgment - traditional and ethnic is considered old or bad while modern and contemporary is believed to be good.
Perhaps the most versatile garment of any in the world, the sari has, over decades, become prosaic. Despite dozens of possible drapes, most wearers adopt the Nivi drape: over the left shoulder and pleated in front. However, one element of the sari appears to be changing…

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