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Late last year there were murmurs of a secret new brand: an offering for young India backed by Good Earth. Closer to its launch in March, Nicobar began announcing its arrival as that of ‘Modern India’.
Can The Blouse Save The Sari?
By Aarti Betigeri
Although an incredibly versatile garment, the sari has, over decades, become prosaic. Despite dozens of possible drapes, most wearers adopt the Nivi. Yet, one element of the sari appears to be changing enough to merit attention.
Inside Amrapali Jewels
By Border&Fall

Amrapali is arguably India’s most recognized jewelry brand. They bear responsibility, playing a key role shaping India’s jewelry aesthetic. Inside their Jaipur Studio with CEO/Creative Director, Tarang Arora.

How does Amrapali define ‘contemporary craft’? How much does it vary from traditional craft?From Amrapali’s point of view, we are always trying to design and make something ethnic. Even in the contemporary sense, it’s always ethnic chic. Ethnic is written in our DNA.When it first started, Amrapali did a lot of tribal jewelry that became hugely popular.  These pieces require exceptional hand skill and that’s what you will find at our Jaipur studio. I’ve noticed that most jewelry businesses are largely automated nowadays; we have machines too – but we really believe in working with artisans to get the details right. We don’t do enamel by machine, we try to improve the quality of the enamel from what it was before but the technique is old-fashioned. Our artisans like to sit on the floor and work; so even new contemporary pieces take a traditional approach. Above: image …

What India is Wearing

Geeta Behn
Craftswoman - Ahir Village, Dhaneti, Bhuj - Gujarat

Craft Today: The Artisan & Innovation
The archive

Over the last few seasons, kala cotton - a strain indigenous to India - has made an appearance across a few designers collections, enough to provoke curiosity in its re-emergence.
The Ganga Maki Textile Studio is the last in our three-part series looking at path-breaking weaving facilities in different stages of development across the country.
The Beginning I was born in Hyderabad but was schooled in Thane. Then as the Gulf War gained momentum, my dad left the Middle East and the family relocated to Hyderabad. I completed my B.A. in English Literature, Political Science and World History and immediately took…

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