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Appropriating The Sari
By Suniti Ila Rao
While communicating the intended global audience for our project The Sari: A How-To Drape Film Series, a few North American well wishers asked: “are you planning to address cultural appropriation?”  
The Sari’s Origins
By Anita Lal
Anita Lal, founder of Good Earth – a contributor to, and custodian of Indian aesthetics – shares her insights on how the sari came to be. Its plausible origins date back 5000 years and span vast territory.
Why ‘The Sari’?
By Malika Verma Kashyap
As we publicly embark on our cultural documentation of the sari through short film, I’d like to share why Border&Fall decided to participate in an ongoing conversation about its relevance with a project of this scope and magnitude.
The terms 'relevance' and 'cultural documentation' are charged and bear weight (as does 'sari' … or is it 'saree'?). However, in order to have a conversation about the future, a documentation of the past is equally important, as knowing where we come informs where we are headed. We are increasingly seeing the sari worn for occasion wear and moreover in a si…


Craft Today: The Artisan & Innovation
The archive

As steady and robust centres for the sale of Indian artisanal crafts, melas (market fairs) have been held across India for over 1300 years. They are a part of many consumers’ landscape of nostalgia, almost everyone brought up in India can attest to attending at least one.
I am uneasy with perceived dichotomies of traditional/modern, ethnic/contemporary, because they imply some judgment - traditional and ethnic is considered old or bad while modern and contemporary is believed to be good.
Perhaps the most versatile garment of any in the world, the sari has, over decades, become prosaic. Despite dozens of possible drapes, most wearers adopt the Nivi drape: over the left shoulder and pleated in front. However, one element of the sari appears to be changing…

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