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Dress & Identity
By Aarti Betigeri
With its sinuous folds of fabric, the sari is a garment that is many things at once: modest and sexy, regal and prosaic, formal and casual. But above all, it is uniquely South Asian and essentially feminine.    
The Sari Series: An Anthology of Drape is a non-profit project by Border&Fall that documents the various regional sari drapes of India through short film. It includes over 80 how-to drape films and 3 independent art films.
Why ‘The Sari’?
By Malika Verma Kashyap
As we publicly embark on our cultural documentation of the sari through short film, I would like to share why Border&Fall decided to participate in an ongoing conversation about its relevance with a project of this scope and magnitude.
The terms 'relevance' and 'cultural documentation' are charged and bear weight (as does 'sari' … or is it 'saree'?). However, in order to have a conversation about the future, a documentation of the past is equally important, as knowing where we come informs where we are headed. We are increasingly seeing the sari worn for occasion wear and moreover in a …


Craft Today: The Artisan & Innovation
The archive

We first released this Manifesto in Dec 2016, it spoke to 11 points we felt were important to address for ‘textiles and garments’ made in India. We've revised it for 2018 to encompass design and craft, with additional notes and signatories.
Potentially Revolutionary
By Suniti Ila Rao
Khadi and Denim: two fabrics of distinct origins, histories and constitutions are now woven together in an inconspicuous but potentially significant marriage. One of the most exciting textile developments, this pairing is making inroads into the billion-dollar denim market.
Made In India
By Border&Fall
Maximiliano Modesti works at the intersection of craft, design and excellence. He speaks to us about valuing the ‘Made in India’ label and the changes required to ensure the future of the industry.

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