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Amrapali behind the scenes
Inside Amrapali Jewels
By Border&Fall
Amrapali is arguably India’s most recognized jewelry brand. They bear responsibility, playing a key role shaping India’s jewelry aesthetic. Inside their Jaipur Studio with CEO/Creative Director, Tarang Arora.
bungalow8_ - 1 (2)
The Dames of Bungalow 8
By Border&Fall
Bungalow 8 in Mumbai holds an important place within India’s scant retail landscape with a definitive vision, aesthetic and identity. Its secret? The synergy between its founder Maithili Ahluwalia and its keeper Isla Van Damme.
By Manou

Documentary photographer and blogger Manou shares a film shot in India and Bhutan. A work in progress, this footage sets a mood for his foray into film.

You have previously said,  'a place can be defined by its people, houses and streets.' Why? One can get some sense of a place from a certain time through its people - the way they dress, its streets, the way houses look, and the landscape. There are some things that never change, like a sunset from the top of a hill. Somethings change slowly, like a heritage site. Somethings change gradually, like a street or a grassland. Places where there was once nothing now have houses, malls, schools or parked cars. I started to find all this interesting as I travelled more and realised the photos I'd been taking along with what I do for my blog, kind of gave an idea of a place. It's a different thing if what I have recorded and made so far (above) may not present that idea as perfectly as I want, because at the time of recording these videos I didn't have a direction in mind.     This is …

What India is Wearing

Geeta Behn
Craftswoman - Ahir Village, Dhaneti, Bhuj - Gujarat

Craft Today: The Artisan & Innovation
The archive

Khalid Khatri resides in the village of Ajrakhpur, about 15 km from Bhuj in Gujarat. At 23, he is a recognised talent and nonconformist in his respected block printing community, infusing asymmetry into an art form that is traditionally and fundamentally symmetric.
With 220 million smartphone users, India is the world's second largest smartphone market after the US. Given our population there is room for growth; however the shift from former means of communication to WhatsApp in the craft industry has already taken place.
By Bandana Tewari
India’s breakthrough designers will be those who bridge the disparate creative worlds of both rural and urban India, writes the Fashion Features Director of Vogue India.

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