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Obscured by distance and fed largely by what filters through Bollywood, it appears the more recent wave of design thinking emerging from India is likely going unnoticed by its own who live on foreign shores.
As The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman has captured street style for over a decade, first beginning in New York and since then traveling the globe to document his vision of the world. 

Season after season, the front row at Lakme and Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) is dotted with buyers from the Middle East.  Little is actually known about what they are buying, or who they are buying for; they come and go quietly, are not covered by the fashion media nor socially active among our community. But it’s this expansive region—from Oman and the UAE to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait—that is Indian fashion’s biggest international market.

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, Muslim shoppers spent USD 266 billion on clothing and footwear in 2013 (more than Japan and Italy combined). That figure is expected to reach USD 488 billion by 2019. It is a staggering statistic that helps to understand why some of the biggest players on the international fashion scene have designed collections aimed at a Middle Eas…

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Geeta Behn
Craftswoman - Ahir Village, Dhaneti, Bhuj - Gujarat

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I am uneasy with perceived dichotomies of traditional/modern, ethnic/contemporary, because they imply some judgment - traditional and ethnic is considered old or bad while modern and contemporary is believed to be good.
Over the last few seasons, kala cotton - a strain indigenous to India - has made an appearance across a few designers collections, enough to provoke curiosity in its re-emergence.
The Beginning I was born in Hyderabad but was schooled in Thane. Then as the Gulf War gained momentum, my dad left the Middle East and the family relocated to Hyderabad. I completed my B.A. in English Literature, Political Science and World History and immediately took…

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