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Amrapali behind the scenes
Inside Amrapali Jewels
By Border&Fall
Amrapali is arguably India’s most recognized jewelry brand. They bear responsibility, playing a key role shaping India’s jewelry aesthetic. Inside their Jaipur Studio with CEO/Creative Director, Tarang Arora.
bungalow8_ - 1 (2)
The Dames of Bungalow 8
By Border&Fall
Bungalow 8 in Mumbai holds an important place within India’s scant retail landscape with a definitive vision, aesthetic and identity. Its secret? The synergy between its founder Maithili Ahluwalia and its keeper Isla Van Damme.
By Manou

Documentary photographer and blogger Manou shares a film shot in India and Bhutan. A work in progress, this footage sets a mood for his foray into film.

You have previously said,  'a place can be defined by its people, houses and streets.' Why?One can get some sense of a place from a certain time through its people - the way they dress, its streets, the way houses look, and the landscape. There are some things that never change, like a sunset from the top of a hill. Somethings change slowly, like a heritage site. Somethings change gradually, like a street or a grassland. Places where there was once nothing now have houses, malls, schools or parked cars. I started to find all this interesting as I travelled more and realised the photos I'd been taking along with what I do for my blog, kind of gave an idea of a place. It's a different thing if what I have recorded and made so far (above) may not present that idea as perfectly as I want, because at the time of recording these videos I didn't have a direction in mind.   This is your f…

What India is Wearing

Geeta Behn
Craftswoman - Ahir Village, Dhaneti, Bhuj - Gujarat

Craft Today: The Artisan & Innovation
The archive

The Ganga Maki Textile Studio is the last in our three-part series looking at path-breaking weaving facilities in different stages of development across the country.
This is the second in a three-part series looking at path-breaking weaving facilities in different stages of development across the country. Part II looks at The Varanasi Silk Weaving Atelier.
The Beginning I was born in Hyderabad but was schooled in Thane. Then as the Gulf War gained momentum, my dad left the Middle East and the family relocated to Hyderabad. I completed my B.A. in English Literature, Political Science and World History and immediately took…

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